Addressing USWC Port Disruptions: Nelson’s Plan for Your Cargo

Continued disruptions at the US West Coast (USWC) ports, including Los Angeles and Long Beach, have significantly impacted operations due to a stand-off between labor and employers. This situation has not only forced several container terminals to close but has also disrupted services at others.

As a result of these disruptions, terminal operators and ocean carriers, represented by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), are at odds with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) over contract terms. While the ILWU members have expressed dissatisfaction with the PMA’s stance, the PMA attributes these disruptions to disruptive actions by the ILWU.

With terminals at Long Beach and Los Angeles still closed, the situation has not returned to normalcy as expected. This disruption in operations risks the permanent loss of cargo to other gateways, causing concern among cargo owner bodies. The National Retail Federation (NRF) is pressing for federal government intervention to ensure smooth operations at the ports.

At Nelson, we understand that these disruptions directly impact our customers. While the situation is out of our control, we’re actively monitoring the situation and seeking alternatives to ensure minimal disruption to your cargo movement. This includes considering other gateway options and liaising with shipping and logistics partners to streamline operations.

Amid these challenging times, Nelson reassures its customers of our commitment to delivering your cargo on time. While we wait for the ILWU and the PMA to reach an agreement, our priority remains the seamless flow of your cargo, helping your business maintain its operations uninterrupted.