Airfreight takes center stage

If the logistics industry works as a team, air freight is definitely the quarterback. There’s always a glorious story about air freight, a flashier, faster, more expensive alternative to the ocean freight wide receiver and trucking defensive tackle. Just one year ago, the topic of air freight was being discussed in regards to moving habitat cargo into space to prepare for an eventual logistics push to holding cargo on Mars. It was a stretch of the imagination to apply the cargo flights to an interplanetary model of advancement.

As we face the impending world at the end of 2020, air freight is still a hot topic, but the terrestrial needs of a planet held in the grip of a pandemic supersede the milestone stories of lunar landers and human space houses. Airfreight is going to save lives in 2021, even more than it already does. As vaccine shipments come from manufacturers their transport is the key to fighting a disease that saw more people dead yesterday than America lost on 9/11. Flying doses around the world require a keen plan, a broad network of professionals working together, and the understanding of everyone who has other cargo that might get bumped due to space needed for vaccines.

 IATA reported that providing a single dose to 7.8 billion people would fill 8,000 747 cargo aircraft, but the actual figure will depend on many assumptions that are yet to be determined. On top of those vaccines there are still copious medical supplies and personal protective equipment to be shipped both apart from and in conjunction with the vaccines. Face masks, coverings, cleaning products, medical equipment, and syringes, cotton, wipes etc., will need to go alongside and despite the doses.

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