An update on China 301 duties

We have written before about state of negotiations between the US and China regarding the ever escalating tariffs developing. While there was good news about a so-called “Phase 1” deal that would offer importers and exporters from both countries relief from the additional duties impacting goods flowing between the two nations. However the escalations show no actual sign of stopping as every update swings the pendulum from progress to regress and back. We’re still concerned about the impending tariffs due on December 15, 2019 on the second have of list 4 tariffs.

With the cancellation by Chile’s government of the APEC summit talks continue between the United States and China on reaching a “Phase 1” deal between the two countries but there is no date on the horizon when the parties will meet. Until there is a final confirmation that our nations have come to an agreement we’re still proceeding as though the tariffs due on December 15th will happen as planned, but that’s still long enough away to feasibly expect that there could be a delay coming.

The first half of list 4 was started on time September 1, 2019, but the increase in tariffs due on October 1st, moved to October 15th and then postponed indefinitely show that we can’t be sure how this situation will shake out when consumer goods are impacted this December. It’s not going to impact the holiday season but spring sporting goods, personal electronics and other items will see much higher prices if nothing changes the current trajectory of tariffs. Please be advised that the exclusion portal has reopened for items on List 4A until January 30, 2020. Click here to be taken to the portal