Blanked sailings, the gift that keeps on giving

As we proceed full steam ahead toward the holiday season, everyone is looking at the inventory situation at retailers across the country. With some carriers leaning hard on the blanked sailings to mitigate the volatility in rates, many shippers need to plan their holiday inventory precisely to ensure the goods that shoppers want are on the shelves this year. Whether you’re planning your first quarter cargo or looking to move retail products to stores before the trumpets blare at the start of Black Friday, this season runs smoother when Nelson International is driving the sleigh. 

Despite the holiday coming up, imports are generally down, a good sign for US ports that have been struggling to keep up with record levels last year. Generally, we’re in a better place this year than last. Equipment imbalances are more level, containerships aren’t gathered in clumps at ports waiting for space, and inventory levels are generally considered in safe territory. While it’s less difficult, it is more tumultuous as the chance for a rail strike, fuel price instability, and carrier capacity issues could be a signal of storms coming in the first quarter.

As we navigate through Lunar New Year much of the forecast will depend on the particulars of where the cost of fuel lands and whether the blanked sailings of the fourth quarter will impact the blanked sailings as many practicing nations start preparing for their January celebration and the year of the rabbit. The rabbit itself symbolizes peace and prosperity, which would be welcome in the coming year.

Inventory management before and after Christmas is an important part of any logistics plan. Your partners at Nelson International are working hard this holiday to make sure we have the best possible solutions on board for your cargo. We know what’s at stake when the magic of this season awakens on December 25th. If you want to see how we’re second only to Santa when it comes to efficiency and cookie enthusiasm, contact us today. Happy Thanksgiving!