Improvements and investments push Port of Virginia to another record

April was another banner month for the Port of Virginia as the port processed 323,244 teus, a 12.9% increase over April of 2021, and only 2,300 containers short of the port’s all-time record set in December 2021. The increases come as the port doubles down on improvement and infrastructure spending, letting the rewards speak for themselves. Two new ship-to-shore cranes are currently being delivered to the Norfolk International Terminal’s South Berth and 15 new hybrid shuttles to expedite transfers and cut down on delays due to repositioning.

Over the next four years, the port will be continuing its infrastructure and investment by spending $1.3 billion to meet the capacity needs of the moment. The new ship-to-shore cranes will allow the port to service two ultra-large container vessels at the same time doubling the throughput options. The new cranes will enable the port to service vessels that are 26 containers long instead of the current set up which is 3 containers short on reach.

the improvements that have happened have been years in the making and we’ve been covering the metamorphosis of the port from a small local east coast port to a large behemoth capable of competing with and helping out the big ports on both coasts. The overflow from the west coast ports in the midst of severe pandemic disruption came to the east coast and caused congestion but definitely showed where more support was needed and the performance of the Port of Virginia was exemplary.

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