Outlook 2022!

There was a lot going on in 2021 that made us both panic and scratch our heads wondering how we got into this mess and how we were going to get out. But overall, December is here and we’ve made it to the end of the year mostly intact. We went from setting new records in the Western Hemisphere at the LA and LB ports to getting bombarded with the supply and demand until the supply chain was backed up for days on end

At least 2022 will look better right? Maybe. There are going to definitely be a few issues to watch out for. From a driver shortage to a need for warehouse employees, now is a good time to make sure your drivers are feeling loved and your warehouse employees are being taken care of. It wouldn’t be a surprise with the number of ships waiting off the coast of LB and LA, to see a stevedore strike in the upcoming months. So it’s best we maximize the time and resources necessary to take care of our drivers and treat our partners with respect. 

Next up, would be a crunch for capacity. There’s so much demand for everything due to COVID-19, that capacity is struggling to keep up. Rental prices per ship are ridiculously high for a single day let alone having it long enough to get things moving properly. Since it’s going to take time for capacity to catch up to demand, a lot of companies will need to take into account the assets they have on hand to utilize and prioritize shipments. 

Investments and infrastructure are other fields we need to be working in. Without new ships, trains, planes, ports, and roads, we won’t be able to be as efficient as we need to be in our field to get things done. There’s no snap your fingers fix-all to this, but you can go out and vote for better infrastructure bills to be put through your local cities and states to make up for what we lack currently. Until then, we’ll just have to continue to seek out new efficiencies to do more with what we have. 

But as for Nelson, we’re working hard to get your cargo where it needs to go. You can rely on us to make sure it’s in safe hands as we navigate the uncharted waters of what 2022 will bring. We’ll keep an open mind and a keen eye on the new possibilities on the horizon and keep you up to date with what is happening in the logistics world.