Coronavirus causes concerns

More information comes in every day regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in China. Cases have found their way to various other cities around the world and the WHO has declared the official name to be COVID-19. The impact on the logistics industry cannot be overstated at this time. Dozens of blanked sailings, cancelled flights, quarantine areas disrupting transportation and general caution have cargo and passengers stuck in a limbo awaiting clearance and confirmation that shipping will normalize and the threat will be managed.

Blanked and voided sailings have surfaced over the last week to match the drop in demand for Chinese exports. Also, considering factories have been shut down for both Lunar New Year celebrations and then quarantine. Below, you can find links to service changes for ocean cargo:

Air Cargo demand has fallen off as well with flights being cancelled and cargo capacity squoze tight on flights that are moving. Depending on the length and severity of the final impact of this outbreak, capacity could remain very tight as airlines play catch-up with their cargo once ports return to normal.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this and will update accordingly.