Hurricane readiness with Nelson International

With the seasonal hurricane forecast coming in hot and heavy many suppliers and shippers are working to mitigate closures that can happen if a strong storm threatens the U.S. coastline. Strong storms might be a misnomer, though as many tropical storms can cause flooding even if the winds aren’t over 75mph. When storms roll in, we need to be able to depend on the professional set up of a strong logistics provider to give you options to keep your cargo both safe and moving through these issues. Just because this season has so far been set on the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t mean we don’t have to be prepared for East Coast issues coming in the later summer.

Flooding and high winds are a natural part of storm season but they’re by far the only part; traffic congestion, port damage, trucking capacity, and loading delays are all issues we face during a storm. Cargo re-routes to unaffected ports can become necessary if the intended port isn’t operational because a storm is hit or is coming. Though we do get advance notice of a hurricane path, it’s likely not until the storm is only a few days out that we get a clear enough picture of what to expect. That’s when having a professional logistics team is invaluable.

Nelson knows and understands which ports are the best alternatives to utilize during a crisis. The destination of your cargo hasn’t changed so carting a container across the country isn’t an option as different ports correspond to different trade lanes and prices vary wildly, especially nowadays due to the pandemic issues we face. By having carrier connections and relationships, we can provide many options to avoid delays and move through ports that are ready to take the overflow of impacted areas. If a storm hits Norfolk, we can move to Charleston, Jacksonville, or even Savannah to move southbound cargo.

If you’re concerned that your cargo is in a port that might get hit, even before we know, we suggest reaching out to your Nelson International representative to discuss the timeline of your cargo, optional ports for backup, and inland routing to avoid traffic into and out of impacted areas. Being proactive is the most important part of the preparation for hurricane season and early reactions are key. Contact us today to put a plan in place for your seasonal cargo!