Infrastructure Improvements Coming in 2016

On December 26th, the largest containership, the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, called on Los Angeles, CA. With a capacity of 18,000 TEUs the Benjamin Franklin is the first megaship to call on a US port. Up to this point, megaships carrying 18,000 containers or more have been used exclusively in Asia-Europe trade lanes. Now that the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin has proven workable in Los Angeles, others will quickly follow. East Coast ports are rapidly trying to

Gatun locks, Panama Canal, Panamà

Gatun locks, Panama Canal

improve infrastructure to accommodate these megaships and the Post Panamax ships that are deploying in 2016.

Containerships that carry 18,000 or 20,000 TEUs place extreme stress on US ports, beyond the depth necessities and berthing standards. Portside and landside services have the potential to become over-congested, bottle-necked or altogether paralyzed at the arrival of so many containers at once, and though the vessel can theoretically fit into the port, the strain may be overwhelming.

Due to the increase in ship sizes expected, the Port of Virginia received new conveyance equipment for both the port and rail yard. The Port of Virginia is also the only port on the East Coast that has federal authorization to dredge to 55 feet. The Port of Virginia also benefits from the Norfolk Southern rail that flows directly to the Midwest and is adding warehouse space in neighboring cities to accommodate the Virginia Inland Port and the Virginia International Gateway.

As shipping on the East Coast ramps up in 2016, Nelson International is poised in one of the fastest growing places to assist you with your shipping needs. We eagerly await the improvements and advances coming to our area and our industry.