Hurricanes cause massive truck rate spike into affected areas.

Due to the weather issues in the Southeast and Texas, truck rates are climbing as capacity tightens, fiercely. The capacity issues are going to be felt most for cargo headed into South Florida as their outflow during September is normally negligible and return loads out of the state are difficult to find if at all. The¬†active hurricane season in the South East and Gulf States has given rise to a heavy increase in trucking spot rates as distribution centers around the area are marked by flooding and high winds. With Hurricane Harvey barely out of Houston, the carriers are fixed on the assessment of damages in Miami as Irma traveled north through the busy hub of Jacksonville and up through Atlanta, GA. While Miami isn’t busy trucking cargo out in the fall months, it can cause even bigger trouble when trying to get cargo into Southern Florida and Texas.

JOC writes that experts expect it to be at least six months before trucking rates and capacity return to normal. While any reconstruction takes place, trucks are set to deliver cargo but don’t usually have loads to pick up on the way back, leading to double and triple per-mile cost. Pending the fallout from Hurricane Irma hitting Atlanta, we could have compounded issues with rates and capacity as many distribution centers and trucking companies are over-stretched already.

Northern East Coast ports like Virginia remained open and working to offset the delays, unlike the events that slowed down loads after Hurricane Matthew in 2016. In cases where cargo must travel into the South East, there are some trucks to be found, and by working with and depending on Nelson International, we can handle your cargo and ensure you’re getting the best rates and services during this time. If you have cargo concerns or worries, please reach out to us. We can plan for these issues with your supply chain so that their impact on your freight is negligible.