Nelson International ready to assist for Philippines relief shipments

Customs and Border Protection have offered provisions for companies looking to export relief goods to the Philippines.  Nelson International has been engaged by several clients to send relief goods for the Red Cross and other agencies for these efforts, and we would like to extend our offer of services to others.

Wally Santana / AP

Nelson International are offering special rates for shipments of relief goods to help with the Typhoon Haiyan recovery.

There are export regulations which govern shipments departing the United States that must be filed with the appropriate agencies, notably Census and CBP.  The requirement to submit the Electronic Export Information (EEI) for all shipments remains in place.  However, there are exemptions which can be claimed as part of the filing and on the shipping documents.

For shipments under $2500.00 in value, shippers should cite the EEI exception 15 CFR 30.37(a) or “30.37(a)” for short.

Shipments valued over $2500.00, the Internal Transaction Number (ITN) should be provided to the exporting carrier.

There are also four HTS numbers to keep in mind for relief shipments of donations:

9802.10.0000 – Donated food products

9802.20.0000 – Donated medicinal and pharmaceutical products

9802.30.0000 – Donated wearing apparel

9802.40.0000 – All other donated material

During this time of year, we are certainly mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves in and around our homes who are recovering from natural disasters and other difficult times.  It is times like this that the generosity of the world is put on display and we are trying to do our small part to help.

For more information on our relief services to the Philippines, please contact Ben Nelson III at