Port of Virginia will Allow Direct Billing to BCOs for Chassis

Starting January 1st, the Port of Virginia’s chassis pool will roll out a new system that allows BCOs (beneficial cargo owners) direct billing thereby removing truckers and ship lines out of the billing process. The Port of Virginia will be the first in the US to use the direct billing system, called ChassisManager, in the same way as it was the first in the country to implement port-wide container pools. In the case of chassis pools the port authority has said that by deriving billing rules from gate-move and shipment data, the new system will provide all parties with an accurate visibility of chassis movements.chassis_000066223853_Medium

“As the chassis provisioning model has evolved over the last few years, the freight owners’ needs have not always been accommodated,” said Art Ellermann, GM of HRCPII. “By being able to track and bill chassis to the accounts of the beneficial cargo owners, the Port of Virginia serves them better and makes the entire chassis billing cycle more efficient for all.”

ChassisManager will give BCO’s the ability to work and view their own activity and see the billing events and usage before actual invoicing in hopes of cutting down errors in bills. By giving BCOs better control, mistakes and inconsistencies should decline. “Pooling chassis for common use at the Port of Virginia has generated significant efficiency gains of the last decade,” said John F. Reinhart, the Virginia port authority’s CEO and executive director. “Offering BCOs the option to take control of their chassis usage and manage the associated costs is an important step in this progression.”